The Salsa Dance is open even for Beginners and provides for everything you need to get on the dance floor with confidence. Some of the techniques the students will learn will include the following: leading and following, learning how to do right-hand turns, cross body leads, and open break turns as well as dancing with confidence

Learning to salsa will help get you on the dance floor with style and confidence, beginning with your basic steps and how to count the music and start dancing. In addition, we shall also offer practice drills with music. We find that a lot of students have trouble remembering patterns from week to week but our drills are designed to help you lock these patterns in your memory, so that you will never get on the dance floor again and have your mind go blank. For the male students, you will get great tips on how to communicate with your partner so she knows exactly what to do; and for the female dancers, we also offer tips on styling and footwork so they can add some artistry to their dancing. By the end of this course, you will have a variety of techniques and combinations that you can mix and match leading to a lot of fun on the dance floor. The training is conducted at an Amateur level followed by the Intermediate level.

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50 Hours
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